Cleared to Land #1, then told I am in a controlled airpsace

I was flying LAX today, and was cleared to land #1 25R, then someone is also cleared to land #1 25R, they overshoot me (as I am in a Cessna 208), and have a terrible attempt at a long land (they miss)… As I am now short short short short final I am told I am in a controlled airspace and to make contact.

I had taken off from LAX, got taxi permission, did a big circuit, made probably 10 notifications, go vectors in. Then cleared for #1 and then told I am in the wrong spot.

And in SFO today, I was told I was cleared for 28L and then short final I was told my runway was not available and to wait for vectors too… 28L

I quit both games before landing because I did not want to lose any rating points. Any advice on what is going on above??

Perfect. Thanks!

Come to the advanced Server! This wont happen

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