Cleared to enter the airspace

This is sort of a semi-suggestion. Will ATC ever have the ability to clear people into their airspace? In real life when entering a Bravo class airspace the controller would have to clear you into their airspace, even if they clear you to land.

While this would be a neat addition in my opinion, while adding realism, it would also add complexity. What are your thoughts?


Hmm, I don’t know.

I agree with you here:

It would make the flying experience more interesting for Pilots, but a bit harder for ATC.

Airspace’s only really go up to a few thousand feet agl, not a problem if you’re cruising at fl350, at least in if, not irl, so this feature wouldn’t get used very much

Agreed. It could also work as a sort of monitoring tool. If you are not cleared it would warn that you need clearance to land. Perhaps a new message requesting clearance into the airspace?

I think to make it less complicated the message would be included in the ‘announce inbound’ command.

It would be added work on the controller, I dont think it’s a great idea

And also, you can already request a transition with tower, and I think that’s enough

I don’t think anyone mentioned it affecting people cruising over the airspace.

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I think that this is just added work to the controller that isn’t necessary. The controller is issuing a pattern entry - which is kind of the same thing - when there isn’t approach.

When there is approach, that i just picture the pilot asking for entry into the airspace unnecessarily. Similar to pilots checking in and then asking for ILS - waste of communication time.


Transitions apply if you’re cruising at a low altitude and need to cross over the airspace.

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Requesting to enter an airspace to land is not the same as a transition.

Fair enough. Just a thought honestly. No big deal.

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Like some people here I agree with it mainly being pointless, realism can’t always be promised, and this is a game, not real life. And another thing, can you PLEASE STOP GOING ON This is like the 2nd or 3rd Topic. 😫

Woah there. It’s just a thought bud.


I think your best bet is to make a #features request for this.

Probably. But judging by the replies I’ve gotten so far I doubt that anything will change.

Or you could just contact approach and request an approach

There is already a command for denying the entry into an airspace. You don’t need another command to make it even harder for IFATC

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There is a difference between an approach, and entering an airspace.

I think that this feature might be useful, only when there are several airports opened around you. Then you know what airspace specifically you’re entering in.

I thought i was the only one that thought checking in was unnecessary! I thought technically they’re not doing anything wrong but I did think that it was a waste of time

But if you’re flying through the airspace you can just request a transition, which isn’t that often, unless you’re cruising>5000 agl