Cleared to cross 4L @ KEWR (Ghosted)

As I cross the rwy one is taking off…thx for the Ghosting Ground Control your error not mine.

Please contact @jamie_pharoah via private message

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I will message you as soon as I’m finished


If ATC clears you to cross the runway it doesn’t mean you cross straight away you need to check the map and see if an aircraft is taking off or landing then if not then you can proceed to cross the runway. This has happened to me before and I have learned my lesson for it ghosts are not something to punish it’s basically if you do something wrong you will learn not to do it again. Have a great day! ✈️

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Thanks…It is was it is. I go from a grade 4 back to 2 in no time flat. Wow.

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No worries…it is what it is Jamie

Have a PM with Jamie. Maybe more explanation can be given

I know this morning at KEWR I was cleared to line up and wait at the real start of runway 4L and another guy was also cleared to Line up and wait behind me at the start of the runway, and he was cleared for takeoff with me on the runway, so he started going and I was just sitting there, luckily I left before something bad would have happened, great job ATC smh.

Controller will continue via PM