Cleared For The Option

What is the difference between cleared to land/option?

As I know it, option is for pattern work right?

Cleared to land = Land and stop
Cleared for the option = Land and stop OR do a touch and go.

If you call inbound for a touch and go or are remaining in the pattern the controller will clear you for the option.

If you are in the pattern and get cleared for the option but change your mind, there is no need to request landing again without the option as you can already do either. Most people will “report position” and say they are on final full stop meaning you are done with patterns. This is not necessary but more for a courtesy to the controller to let them know your intentions and for them to plan for you to exit the runway.


Thanks, happy flying!

Ok, I understand it now, thanks.

Also cleared for the option includes a stop and go, touch and go, low approach, and a full stop.

Yes but IRL usually you would ask for a low approach rather than an option, sometimes it freaks the controllers out

Welcome to the community! Yes, you would ask the controller for a low approach but in infinite flight cleared for the option also serves as a clearance for it. :)

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