Cleared for the option every meaning

What are all the meanings for Cleared for the option? I know that there is these 2
Touch and go
Just land
What are all the outher ones?

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“Cleared for the option” permits the aircraft to perform a touch-and-go, low approach, missed approach, stop-and-go, or full stop landing.


More or less think of it as the runway is yours, do what you want, just keep us updated (when your on the go, or exiting mainly)

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Ok, and just to make sure, a low approach is we’re you fly really low over the airport right?


Correct, over the runway not the airport.


Ok thank you!

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And last thing, I know this sounds Obvious obvious but… a stop and go is we’re do land go a to a complete stop, then go again right?

Yes, that would be correct.

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Thank you!

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Can also be used for runway change, I believe.


@FLIGHT2, “the option” covers the following actions:

  • A low pass over the runway;
  • A stop and go;
  • A full stop landing (please report your position with full stop so the controller knows to give you a runway exit);
  • A touch and go;
  • A missed approach; and,
  • Everything in-between, permitting appropriate rules are followed (e.g. aerobatics and speed restrictions).

Here is an old, but still relevant thread, on the matter.

@Sebastian_Arias91, you’ll only be cleared for the option after a runway change if you’ve indicated touch and go intentions. If you are inbound for landing and then request a runway change, you’ll still receive landing clearance.



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