Cleared for the option and cleared to land?

Hey everyone,

I was just flying patterns for someone who was training and was already cleared for the option, but as I reported final for runway XX they cleared me to land. Is this correct? Or should they have left it as cleared for the option?



They should’ve cleared you for the option because you were doing pattern work, not landing and taxiing to the gate.

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Yes although I was intending to land completely and taxi to the gate (due to me reporting final - full stop).

Oh you were?

I’m going to review Tyler and Mark’s videos for information

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Ok. Thank you.

I had done a pattern and on my last one, I reported final - full stop

Hello @alphabravo6,

The controller should of just left you with your original cleared for the option and doesn’t need to send you ‘Cleared to land’ as well.

Cleared for the option covers multiple things, from a touch and go, stop and go and full stop landing.


I have one problem with that which I have talked to Tyler about which it is easier for the controller to tell if they are going to land when they state this because you never know when to give them the exit command and if you have others in the airspace to take care of it is really hard to tell when they are going to land or keep on doing patterns that is why I recommend if you are going to land and stop doing patterns state this command but in this situation like said above he should have not cleared you to land again because cleared for option like said above includes everything

A few problems i see here, you didn’t need to be re-cleared. But if you were already cleared, you didn’t need to report your position.


If you where cleared for the option and reported “Inbound for landing, full stop.” Then the controller would clear you for LANDING. I know this because it has been done when I’ve been in the pattern every time we report final for full stop.

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I didn’t report inbound, only reported my position (simply to tell him “this is my last pattern”) so he could expect me to exit the runway.

Yes, you said you reported final, inbound for full stop right?

You’re good. Cleared for the option does cover landing, and we appreciate you reporting full stop. It helps us plan traffic around whatever anticipated action is being carried out on the runway.

If you really want to get pedantic, then I’m sure there are some variances in the real world as to what it constitutes. However, for IFATC purposes, there is no need to re-clear.


Thanks for clearing that up

I think I got a different answer for everyone each time 😂


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No problem. For the purpose of keeping it simple, that’s all you need to know. :)

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Yeah that’s what i thought, just wanted to make sure I was in the right

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Reporting full stop is one thing, announcing inbound another.

Reporting full stop, good.

Calling inbound in pattern, not.

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Yep, that was at like 1 in the morning, I got my stuff mixed up but if you report fir a full stop landing then the tower clears you for landing.

Seems to me there’s still a misunderstanding here @HadenJohnson. Like they said above: If you’re in a pattern, cleared for the option, you can report full stop as a courtesy to the controller. The controller won’t re-clear you, because your clearance for the option includes landing. Controller’s response would be “roger,” like “thanks for the heads-up.” Apologies in advance if I misunderstood what you mean by your last comment.

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When I was at Lubbock we called for a full stop and he cleared us for a landing. Not the option.

Yeah. i originally had that typed out, but then wanted to not get confusing. as everyone’s mentioned above, its helpful to hear someone say full stop. but as the original poster didnt mention it, i was trying to avoid confusion.

but completely agree!