Cleared for the option, after the option question?

I am planning to take my IFATC written and practical in the near future.
Quick question:
If I tell an aircraft, for ex. runway 22R, cleared for takeoff, make right traffic… do, I have to say, number 1 cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic everytime the pilot is continuing patterns? or just say Number 1, runway 22R, cleared for the option?
I saw the Perfect ATC Test video on Youtube by Tyler and he was saying, “after the option” every time, so I was wondering what is the correct method?


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You’d only say after the option make left or right traffic if they are inbound or changed runways. Just clear them for the option normally unless they are inbound for a touch and go or they change runways as on the takeoff command you tell them what traffic direction to go for that runway and you don’t need to repeat yourself. The tutorial your referring to is a bit outdated thus why they were clearing for a traffic direction on each circuit.


Unless the pilot’s making a full stop, you’ll continue issuing the options.


Hey, the perfect ATC test on YouTube is a bit outdated and may contain information that is not applicable to procedures today.

Nevertheless, your best bet is to issue a traffic direction after the option IF you give the aircraft a pattern entry. This would apply if the aircraft requested to change runways OR if they are calling inbound. If an aircraft takes off and remains in the pattern on the same runway, since you are not issuing them a pattern entry, there is no need to give them a traffic direction after you clear them for the option.


Saying that is for aircrafts that request remaining in the pattern because that’s when it comes

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Ok thanks guys. I was wondering if there was another newer ATC Practice test video tho🤔

I would watch all of the ground and tower videos in addition to that test video because it goes further in depth of these topics. Also I would reference the manual because that also goes through the procedures of IFATC. It is like our bible. Good luck on your test(s) and we can’t wait to see you!

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Thank you!

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A good tip is to watch videos from IFATC’s on YouTube there you can learn a lot and they explain really good tho

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Yes, while all of the ATC tutorial videos are outdated, there is still good information to pick up from them. If you find any discrepancies, don’t hesitate to ask and I’m sure someone will be willing to clarify.

Hopefully we can get some updated ATC tutorials soon.


And now it is finally up :) yay!

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