Cleared for the approach

In my experience in true IFR flight, when a pilot is cleared for an approach, let’s say, 4R at JFK, the phrase is "Alaska 62, Turn left heading 60, decend and maintain 1500, cleared ILS runway 4R, contact tower at final approach fix.

the pilot readback would be as follows:

heading 60 at 1,500, ILS 4R, tower at fix, Alaska 62

Never would a pilot readback the entire clearance word for word. it only includes the essential data, and saves airtime.

IF could clean up approach frequencies a bit and make the ATC a bit more real world by changing the response phrase

Pilots do give shorter read back but they add “descent” attributes. If third pilot listening to your read back only, he knows what action you are performing.

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agreed, they might say heading 60, descend 3000, ILS 4R, Alaska 64.

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There’s lots of methods to clear an aircraft for an approach.
Pilots don’t have set phraseology so they can read back word for word if they’d like.

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Believe it or not I thought about something similar yesterday. I would love to see the pilot response said differently on an inconsistent basis.


its a minor change that reduces clutter and increases realism

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what can we do do get the word out even more about your idea?@Tajay @VVBA6 @GatwickGuy @Kelly_EM

it would be great to have a random number generator to chose three or four different phrases. it would make us all sound like ATPs. :)

I was just listening to BOS_APP Final Vector-common readbacks were

“010 on the heading, down to 3000’ cleared the ILS04R, 170kt to MILTT” (MILTT was interchanged with 5nm final for some visual approaches)

on visual at pdx, they just cleared a plane for

“Cleared Visual Approach 10R Contact tower.”

“cleared visual, 10R, United 264”