Cleared for Approach


In meatspace, when a pilot is cleared for an approach, let’s say, 4R at JFK, the phrase is "Alaska 62, Turn left heading 60, decend and maintain 1500, cleared ILS runway 4R, contact tower at final approach fix.

the pilot readback would be as follows:

heading 60 at 1,500, ILS 4R, tower at fix, Alaska 62

Never would a pilot readback the entire clearance word for word. it only includes the essential data, and saves airtime.

IF could clean up approach frequencies a bit and make the ATC a bit more real world by changing the response phrase.


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If you are requesting a feature, please put this in the #features category. I like this idea. Typically at busy airports you receive the clearance and then maybe 20 seconds later you will here it.


That’s normal for any request. When the controller is sending constant messages to aircraft, it backs up the messages. That’s why you should always execute the command when you see it not when you hear it ;)

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I’m not a real pilot but pretty sure pilots read back all commands that Any controller gives them.

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If you listen to ATC, this isnt true.

I’ve rarely heard a full read back for approach clearance listening in to DFW.

tbh, i think i hear more of “Cleared for approach, ‘callsign’”

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For the purposes of this request, i think having the full read back doesnt hurt anything on our end. I’d rather the pilot be able to see the info twice, turn and descend correctly, than a quick reply.

There are far too many times of ILS/GPS misses where information would be helpful for them.


my only comment is it would reduce the comm backlog and make the sim more real world, which is good.

i will, but i wanted atc oriented folks tobweigh in first.

I usually hear callsign, heading/altitude, then clearance on approach. 🤷‍♂️ Think it varies.

This used to be true, but with the release of 18.1, communications to you cut everything else off instantly and you hear your own, to prevent exactly this sort of delay.


On VTBS, ATC usually say “Callsign XX, descend and maintain 3000 until establish, clear ILS approach rwy 01R” and pilot readback “maintain 3000, Clear ILS 01R Callsign XX”
There are a lot of Bangkok Approach frequencies in real life so final approach frequency is not quite busy.

Yeah tell me about it, it sounds odd too, and too long of a reply. If this were in feature I’d vote for sure.

its just a simple thing but might be some coding to make happen.

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