Clearance Delivery

On Training Server at ZSPD Shanghai Pudong, there’s a frequency called Clearance Delivery, it functions as the Departure frequency. However, the name which aircrafts called out was: Clearance Delivery, instead of Shanghai Departure. It will be absolutely great to have the Clearance Delivery on Infinite flight, this bug might indicate the developer’s progress on the new frequency.


Not every country refers to it as Departure. Fly into EDDF Approach range and it’s Langen Radar.


I agree - Clearance Delivery would be a nice realism bonus in Infinite Flight.

You can vote for it here if you want:

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Let’s look at why this is like this.

So, here’s a chart of ZSPD:

When we edit an airport, we add all these frequencies separately, and are allowed to only add them as ‘ATIS, Ground, Tower, Approach, and Departure’. We add all the frequencies possible with their correct names, so ‘Clearance Delivery’ is 121.950. This is Departure in game, as we can’t add the official clearance delivery just yet in game.


In China there ain’t really a departure frequency. Basically approach does the departure work. I’ve noticed the problem of this frequency a long time ago when I control at ZSPD (it’s also my home airport). I just hope IFAET can fix it soon :)

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ok, thanks for your info

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