Clearance Delivery

On Expert at LAX , there is a frequency called “Clearance Delivery”. What is it for? Is it the same as Departure?


Most likely what the frequency is just called irl. The airport editing team copies over charts and this is included I believe. The actual use of clearance or delivery isn’t yet in the app.

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I know I saw it too, I think it may just be in place of departure for some reason


We don’t have the IRL clearance delivery as a feature, right?


No, I don’t think so.

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I don’t believe we have been told anything about having clearance on if

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That’s my knowledge as well. Thanks for the replies @TransportForLife and @KennedyTurner!

Interesting find/topic too!

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We currently don’t have a clearance delivery in IF. However…

@Trio’s ATCEG hosted an AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Tyler and he said how he wanted to get clearance deliveries in IF. Would certainly be something nice to see in the future!


Clearance delivery is the way in which mainly commercial aircraft are cleared from point A to B. A clearance involves a SID, altitude and in some cases important frequencies that will be used during the flight like departure. This type of clearance is referred to as IFR (instrument flight rules). That’s just a brief explanation.

Clearance delivery is assigned before an aircraft contacts ground. While the feature is not yes in infinite flight, I could definitely see it being added in the future.


The airport editing team does name frequencies, but they are not reflected in game right now. This is either a bug, something being tested or a beta tester pressing the wrong button.

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@MrMrMan @Darragh_ODonoghue I know what clearance delivery is, but I’m asking what the frequency I mentioned in the original post was. Just read the original post.

The answer is:

Several frequencies don’t have the same name as the airport. As said the IFAET copies over information from charts and stuff, so it’s most likely one of the hundreds of frequencies to tune into over Los Angeles 👍. They can’t all have the same name 🤷‍♂️

@Ecoops123 Except it isn’t. Not only do the names IFAET add to the frequencies have no effect on anything in game, when you are told to change frequency it is automatically generated based on the airport name and frequency type, but 120.35 is a clearance delivery frequency, and is marked as such in game. If you check the ATC menu it is not a selectable frequency in the current version.

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I was the controller. 👀


Since I was arriving, I was tuned into approach and not departure.

The Airport Editing Team is adding all Frequency’s that an Airport have and that are could be added with the tools we have (WED). This is to make the Database future proof so that IF LLC can add features without getting in trouble with the data es. Same as for runway approach lights and taxiway lights and so on.
Clearance delivery was added if an airport have it, but as long as it is not implemented in IF it shouldn’t show up.
In this case there was a wrong type set in the data file. I have fixed that. It should be correct n next Airport update.