Clearance delivery/ readback?

Hey everyone, not really sure who to exactly contact in this one, but have they ever considered adding a clearance delivery frequency for IFATC or just online in the sim? I always think it just adds some realism getting your squawk, ifr, clearance, expected sid, etc.

I’d anyone has an answer, don’t be afraid to reach back out!


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Hello Luke,

I recommend voting for either of these Features requests linked below:

Voting for either of the above is the best way to show your support for a clearance delivery to be added into the simulator.

Have a great day!


Hey Declan, thanks for reaching out! I was just scrolling through the second one. Have a feeling it’s gonna get my vote. Thanks for the response.


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No worries at all! The features category is the best spot to show your support on anything that you would like to see added to the simulator.

If you think something being added would enhance the simulator, then I certainly recommend taking a scroll through the #features category as more than likely there will be a feature request for it and you can vote there to show your support.

And if there isn’t a feature request for your idea… then you’ll be able to create one once you reach TL2 - Member here on the forum.

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