Clearance Delivery @KORD

Hey guys, so today I was listening to LiveATC (KORD of course) and I came across a clearance delivery frequency. Now I have heard of this frequency before, but I heard the controller give a pushback clearance… so can someone explain why he gave it and not ground?

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I’m not too sure but I think ground handles planes that taxi near the runways. Clearance gives pushing commands to make sure that nothing goes wrong near the terminals. They give initial clearance before handing them off to ground.

I honestly don’t know, i’m kind of curious, I hope someone can help us out :)

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Interesting. Anybody else able to help. I really wanna know the answer lol

Clearance Delivery works with Ground ATC to issue route clearances to aircraft, typically before they commence taxiing.

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Yea I know that they give Flight level clearance, IFR or VFR route clearance, etc. so is it typical you get center giving pushbacks because both ground and center were giving pushback clearances

Yes, it is normal. A majority of the time only major airports have Clearance Delivery as it’s harder to maintain a plethora of aircrafts. For example, KEWR has Clearance Delivery in which they will clear all aircrafts for pushback so Ground only has to worry about active aircraft(s) past the terminal and Tower can focus on inbound aircrafts post clearing the aircraft for frequency change to Center or Departure.

Just remember this isn’t the case in all airports, but this is the general concept :)


Typically clearnace would be like
Callsign , cleared to destination via STAR , intial altitude (FL030-100) , squawk (4 numbers)

Yes I know. Expect 5,000 after departure then climb FL340. Cleared IFR KORD-KLAS

There’s a lot of mis information in this thread. CD is responsible for giving an aircraft under IFR rules its flight plan. Depending on the airport it’s usually a SID, flight plan route, and altitude and a squak and departure freq. however sometimes it’s just a straight flight plan with or without some changes that a pilot has filed in his flight plan. Also CD does give VFR clearances as well.

What you most likely heard is the CD and ground frequencies combined with one controller working both


Do you even CRAFT bro?.

@N1DG :)


Of course I do

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I’m gonna say maybe he was working both frequencies.

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I’m pretty sure it’s clearance until you’re pushed back and ready to taxi on an active taxiway.

I want clearance to be in IF. I might make a feature request.


With SIDs and STARs now in the sim, I could see this being feasible.


That’s my sad attempt to be funny lol

Lol totally missed it.
My bad

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What happens is clearance will give approve pushback. After talking to they are done with the pushback they can change frequencies from clearance to ground without permission. Then tower and so on.

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