Clearance Delivery Frequency

I would agree. It’s hard enough to get folks to use Ground, Tower, and Approach properly without throwing Delivery in to the mix as well :smile:

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@JGK00 @ATK @Rotate @MishaCamp. “Delivery Control” = “Clearance Delivery”. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.
(Don’t see where this fits in IF… Hell nobody files in the first place. Can you imagine the implementation of an FMS or Squawk’s… Max


I’d like to bring this back up (hasn’t been mentioned since July!).

Maybe we could implement this only for the advanced server? Think about it, pilots would have to actually get a VFR or IFR clearance from a clearance delivery controller before ever contacting ground for pushback! This means a knowledgeable controller amends and approves someone’s future actions for them. Exact procedures would have to be put in place though, or we use real world procedures.

Controllers could read out the flight plan somehow or just say “Climb via the SID”.


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Should use “cleared as filed” instead, that includes everything you request from the controller.

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VATSIM uses this. I control in the ZHU ARTCC, So around the Houston / Austin area. Anywhere except Austin, you’re clearance can say “Climb via the SID”. Austin is the only airport in the ZHU area where you still get cleared to 5,000 (I think), and the pilot should expect their desired flight level 10 minutes after departure or something like that.


I could be wrong though, but usually altitude is included in the clearance. Like “climb and maintain 7000, expect 9000 10 minutes after departure” there’s an acronym for the IFR clearance “CRAFT”
C-Clearance Limit


Yes, but nowadays (apparently) the altitude part is getting replaced with “Climb via the SID”

You’re correct, it’s a common phraseology in US. I’m not really with FAA procedure. Thanks for the info

If this is done right and integrated into the ATC system, it should also eliminate needing to tell the controller that you are requesting ILS approach 2 minutes after leaving your departure airport.

I like this idea. But like what has already been stated, it would be hard to picture 99% of people that would know how to use it. And this has been stated in this thread also… could be implemented onto the advanced server only. I like that thought as well. Would be good to be able to insert your cruising altitude into your your flight plan. And if the ability to file you cruising altitude was added, then maybe this could me added as well… If the pilot doesn’t add it to his flight plan, then maybe the advanced ATC could add it for him when he requests it on the delivery frequency. Just a thought I have:)

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Yes, this would definitely have to be a feature only available on the Advanced Server. We all know what the playground is like.

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This would be possible in fact. There is a clearance delivery frequency in WED (the program we use to edit airports), so it wouldn’t be too hard to implement. We just need to establish a system in which this would work.

Wait, the ATC features are in WED?! I had no idea! I thought it was just for creating X-Plane airports and, in this case, the scenery for IF.

ATC frequencies are in there as well - yes.

This would be a great addition. That way by the time ground and tower talk to the plane, they already know if the aircraft has filed a flight plan and the required altitudes etc - this would show on the progress strip as it currently does when an acft receives a clearance from center/approach/departure.

In short, this would be an excellent feature.


Was bout to ask for that

We need ATIS back. So frustrating when you don’t have a possibility to see if pattern work is accepted ATM.


I want this then I finally know What the People want to do if they want to make a pattern they go then to another runway and more
I really like this idea

I fully support this, just sayin’