Clearance Delivery Frequency

Good idea!!! Love it

Voted. Finally was able to clear one

Nice I have to remove other vote right now

The frequency could look something like this. Made some editing.

Clearance Delivery Concept


That looks really cool!
I haven’t taken a look at this feature request until now, but I will say that it would make flights much realistic. Especially when it comes to routing changes, etc.
It also has its obvious downsides, the most prominent probably being the public’s lack of knowledge on clearance delivery.
Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful idea!

Wow looks perfect!

Omg, such a great job. Looks awesome! 😍

That looks absolutely amazing!!

I have one question. If clearance is given for an initial altitude, if there is no departure or center ATC, the aircraft would climb without clearance after reaching initial cleared altitude, correct?

Man this looks awesome. Could be a real screenshot! I’m really hoping to this frequency soon.

I cannot tell you anything official as it’s only an edit but I can imagine if there’s no radar frequency open, the aircraft won’t get an initial altitide at all or can ignore it if given.

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Got it. Thanks for your response!

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With the new ATC regions coming, this would be a great tool to keep traffic organized!


I really hope this gets added! Voted!


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I have a feeling that the devs are working on something there… This “Taxi to parking (any)” sounds very sus to me 🧐

Yeah looks like they are working on Gate Assignment ir something like that

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I think that it would be another great feature to open along with radar services.

Bro I swear on everything I love I was just thinking about this feature a couple days ago, and wanted to do a thread about it, and here it is. We really do need this feature, and I think it wouldn’t really take that much effort and doesn’t need much work to make it come true. I hope IF adds this feature as this would help our sim become more realistic and more fun for both the ATC and the pilot.

This would be an awesome addition in the future.

Also, very nice and creative example made by community member above. Thank you!