Clearance Delivery Frequency

I think it would be nice to see Clearance Delivery Frequency, a Frequency that makes Infinite Flight more realistic and helps to ease Approach, Departure, and Center work. For those who don’t know what Clearance Delivery Frequency is. Clearance Delivery Frequency is initial clearance from ATC before you take off.
The idea behind using a dedicated frequency for this is that it avoids tying up the ground control frequency (used for authorizing ground movement on taxiways and such) with long clearances and readbacks.

Clearance Delivery is found at controlled fields. Pilots operating under Instrument Flight Rules will generally use it prior to each flight, and at airfields in class C or class B airspace it’s used by VFR pilots as well (since they’ll be talking to departure controllers very shortly after take off until clear of the controlled airspace).

Although in Infinite Flight, It would be hard to implement this like in real life. But maybe we can make it easier for pilots to use this frequency. This feature would be very handful especially after the Global Update

Pilots can use a Clearance Delivery Transmission like this when it gets added (Only as example)

While the Controllers would response to the transmission by using a similar template

Yes! This is so needed!
Earned one of my votes 😉


Earned one of my votes, this is something we need, especially with Global! Qantas 32 request clearance via IFR to YSSY! Via FL390


FL180 is class A airspace and is IFR only (in the United States) and in any case VFR doesn’t require clearance except in class B.


Finally a feature request that is actually not spam! We definitely need this, it would add so much more realism to the game.


This would be cool to have, but to be honest, I would rather have the ATIS frequency re-introduced, than a Clearance Delivery frequency added.


I also hope that ATIS can be re-introduced someday. It would be easier if we both have ATIS and CDF imho


You’ve got my vote. Definitely a must have in the future. Especially with global and pilots wanting to fly LGA-EWR in a 777-300

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Surprised this hasn’t came up! If we could also get ATIS, we would have all the ATC services!

Clearence Delivery has been suggested several times before. Please search properly to ensure you have not or are not duplicating a feature request in the future


It has been requested before but the old one was closed.


Yeah 6 hours ago. And there was a ton of discussed reasons and ideas why it’s a great idea and I tend to agree with most of them. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this was created in duplicate and potentially the other Clearence Delivery feature request wouldn’t have been closed if it had this additional attention brought to it

I read the whole thing, I’m still confused to what a " Clearance Delivery Frequency " is

Moderators close really old topics and keep new ones open. It is what they do. This is NOT a duplicate, so please stop claiming that it it. Thanks.


Iam a regular here as well ive sceen this topic several times, you need to settle yourself down

Ok, maybe you are a regular, but hey! So am I! I’m just telling you that this ain’t a duplicate alright - I’m not meaning to be feisty.


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