Clear Vote Sign

I thing IFC needs a vote sign that is larger, and clearer.
So as you can see in this photo below: The vote sign is small and that color doesn’t really shows off. So, we should have a neon type of color, and a larger sign.


Maybe add a bit more to your post like why you think so, why it isn’t good like it is now etc…

For the moment it looks like you posted this just because you wanted to make a topic.

I can’t think of any good reason at all to have it bigger. It’s not like it’s easy to miss as it’s next to the headline.


At least we should change the color.

If anything was to happen with the “Vote” Feature… I think there should also be a “vote sign” next to the hyperlink in the post (not needed but that’s the only thing that I could see a Rework for)

It’s not hard to miss at all, especially since it’s fairly known for everyone that the feature is there for all the topics in #features

For very new users, you just have to see it once to know where it is. No need for a neon (also known as ugly) colored Vote-button.