Clear Scenery Cache

Hello, Does it shut down a flight?? Can I do it mid flight?? I’m having low resolution scenery on a place that is usually high resolution scenery.

Where are you right now in Infinite Flight?

No it does not shut down your flight! I do this all the time, it will freeze for just a moment, then you should be all good to go

You can do it in flight I believe. The scenery will get blurry for a bit but then it should fix itself. Also were are you flying?

Over Iraq, Near Kuwait heading To Dubai

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Thanks, I’m flying over Iraq Near Kuwait heading to Dubai

Great, Thank You for your help :)

Oh no it shut down ;))) LOOL

That is odd. I do this every other flight without any issues. Are you sure it did not just freeze for a second?

It did freeze for a like 3 seconds , then got shut down :( Anyways it was a boring flight ;) I’ll do another one.

That is odd. And probably just an incident. Because your flight was too boring perhaps? 😉

While it’s good practice to do this just after spawning, I’ve never had problems clearing scenery cash mid flight.

Yep probably ;) Thank You for your help

Oh no, the game keeps crashing 5 seconds after I open it :/

How about you re-install or restart the app, lets see if that works

I’ll try it after restarting my phone :3 Hope restarting my iPhone works ;)

Ok, restarting my iPhone was the solution, Thank You for your help :)