“Clear Scenery Cache” not working

I wanted to free up some space on my iPad, and I cleared scenery cache.
It didn’t free up even 100 MB. Why? Do you have something better to free up storage taken by IF?

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Clearing your scenery cache isn’t going to free up that much storage, especially if you keep doing it often.

If you want to clear up some space taken by the app, deleting some replays that you don’t need/want would be a good idea as they take up a lot of space as they build up over time.

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Clearing the scenery cashe will max clear 200 mb, as that is the limit in terms of scenery that IF will download and store automatically on your device. By far the largest contributor for IF taking a lot of storage would be downloaded planes. Unfortunately there is no way to clear your downloaded planes, except through deleting and reinstalling the app. Keep in mind this will delete your replays as well, unless you export and store them, then put your replays back in one you have reinstalled. Also keep in mind that replays can take a lot of storage as well, so you might want to delete some of those as well!


I will try that.


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