“Clear Prop!”

Hey folks! Today I’m coming to you with an interesting feature request. It’s the addition of yelling clear prop in the simulator right before starting your prop. Alright let’s jump straight into what this is and about how it’ll work!

What does clear prop mean?

“Clear prop” or “clear” is a phrase said before a prop is starting up by the pilot to ensure there’s no one in the area of the prop before starting up as well as hazards and equipment. The big idea is to let people around you aware your about to start your engine and move out of the way so they don’t get hurt.

How would this be used?

My suggestion is to have a little button in the systems section that says “clear prop”. Once the user clicks this button an automated voice can be heard saying clear prop. The voices would be the voices like we have now for ATC and can be accessible with the atc voice section in settings. I included a photoshopped image below of what it would look like. After clicking the button and the audio being heard, there will be a 20 second let’s say, grace period of when they can say it again since people would potentially spam it and it would be annoying to other users around the aircraft. The grace period on solo doesn’t have to exist since it’s only you. The message can be heard in the area of the user saying “clear prop” and can be heard by users in the area.

How would this benefit your flight experience? (Conclusion)

In my opinion it would add realism and professionalism to those who use it and others in the area. It would bring a new level of realism for GA flights.

I hope you consider this idea! Thanks for reading! Leave your thoughts below as I would love to hear them! :)


Photo belongs to me. Please PM me if you would like to use it, thanks.

This photo is photoshopped.

You’ve earned my vote!!!


Thank you for the support! 😉


Cool feature! That being said, I don’t think a 20 second cooldown is enough. I think it should only be said once a flight. (Once your wheels lift off, it resets so if you do multiple legs it still works).

Neat concept!


That’s a great idea! Thank you for your thoughts! 😊


It should probably for when you shut off your engines

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Awesome idea surprised no one has thought of this


Thank you for your kind words! Thanks for the vote as well. 😁


No problem and I like the same voices as the atc that’s makes it a bit easier for the developers


Why did you make this a feature it shows in the picture it’s already in game. sarcasm
Great idea definitely will vote


Thank you so much!

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Not only is it easier because you can download the voices you want but it makes it realistic to use the same voice your contacting atc with to say clear prop as the pilot. 😁


You have earned my vote! This is an awesome feature request too!

Interestingly enough, I started rolling down my window and saying “clear prop” when I start my car :)


That also but the clear prop should connect with the engine start and it should only happen on the ground just in case of mid air simulated engine failure


This could also easily come with the upcoming C172 rework!


Yes Indeed


That would be great! The C172 would be so cool with this feature!


Got my vote, Asher! Never thought about this till now :)


Thank you so much for the support!

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I hope they would keep any glitches out the game where this would work on jets. I also want to know if other aircraft would here this, because if this glitches, I don’t want to spawn in on training next to an A380, and here “Clear Prop” as they push back.