Clear out Logbook?

As the title suggests, is there a way to clear out flights from my logbook? I could be wrong, but I feel like this is starting to take up space in my internal storage. I delete unwanted replay files, but that doesn’t seem to help. Any thoughts?

You logbook takes up barely any storage, the main problem is the replays. You should not have to worry about that.


He means the replays

nope, he mentioned he already did that.

Alright, I guess we’ll have to see what he says : )

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Hey! How much space does your app take? Because you said you deleted unwanted replays but I feel like this implies that some are still remaining and they might take up a bit a space still.

Also I’m seeing you’re an airport editor, you might have large local saves on some airports which are very voluminous.

I believe it could also be related to the downloaded scenery and stuff. IF takes up a sizeable bit (20-30 GB) on both my devices and I don’t think it’s for replay related reasons.

I do wipe out the app every now and then, but the amount of storage that the app takes up seems to go up every time. The best comparison I can make this to is a graph showing climate change over the years:


You can see how the overall trend is increasing.


The amount of GB needed to run the IF sim over time does appear to take more space on device. Having said that, I did delete the app and re-install not long ago due to a unrelated issue & I noticed the actual GB storage held on device is reduced quite a lot -as much as 5- 6 GB.

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i cant even delete my replays,they dont go away.

Scenery cache could also play a factor

You can delete the replays in the logbook, but the flight logs doesn’t disappear.

I clear my scenery cache quite often so I don’t think this is the cause of the reduced amount of GB when deleting app and re-installing. It was around 31 GB when I deleted and 25 -26 GB when I re-installed it.
Since then it went up slowly to 27.5 GB even deleting replays and clearing scenery cache. That’s a matter of several weeks since I re-installed it.

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