'Clear Of Runway x' option on unicom

Hello IFC!

Today, I am making a feature request which I believe will clear up some confusion if it was added.

What is it?

The whole idea of the request is for pilots to announce that they are clear of a certain runway.
Right now, we have [CALLSIGN] is clear of ALL runways. However, you may have just exited the runway, and need to cross another, or you are crossing one runway, but have another to cross on your taxi route.

The idea is simple, there is an option to announce clear of an individual runway, instead of ‘Clear of all runways’.

How will this benefit?

I believe this will benefit everyone on the Unicom frequency, as everyone can be aware of the pilot’s exact actions. Rather than hearing ‘clear of all runways’, they will know exactly which runway they have crossed/ exited.

How can it be implemented?

This can be added into the ATC menu in the same way as Taxiing to runway X is. Pilots can press on a ‘Clear of’ button, and they are given the option of all the runways, as well as another option saying All Runways.

So the choices would be:

[CALLSIGN] is clear of runway 27
[CALLSIGN] is clear of runway 09
[CALLSIGN] is clear of all runways

Let me know your thoughts on this!

The problem I see as a user is people selecting runway 9 when runway 27 is the active one. Wouldn’t that be even more confusing to other pilots?


Yes, there will always be pilots incorrectly using unicom, that goes for everything really…

Either way, even if it is the incorrect runway, it is theoretically still the same landing strip, and people will know not to takeoff from it.

It’s just a suggestion which I think could make things easier, however there is the other side , for example the issue you mentioned.


I like this idea. IRL on CTAF we say clear of a certain runway to paint a better picture for other pilots on the frequency and to increase out situational awareness.


Yeah exactly, I think if it’s used correctly, and the vast majority of expert server users do use commands correctly, then it could work. Thanks for the support!


You don’t have to call all clear if you are crossing another runway immediately you know. It just blocks the frequency.

Actually though, this slows down sending the clear of runway command by a lot, because it is not possible to use ATC when turning, unless you have auto coordination on which is dumb.

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The pilot waiting to take off after you will never know that you are cleared though…(if you don’t call out clear of all runways after vacating)

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Okay, but not all runways are directly next to each other. There are many airports with a fair bit of taxiway between two parallel runways.

Then you can stop, lol. I don’t really see what that has to do with this feature? As the same would apply for the normal ‘Clear of all runways’ command, wouldn’t it?

If you cross 28L, then you are not on 28R lol
Like you literally don’t even have enough time to send both mesaages

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Not really… what if you made a mistake and announced crossing 28L while still intact on the 28R said of the hold short line? Too much confusion and potential risks…

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Taking longer = worse.

well regardless of if you have to cross another you are still clear of all runways. I see how this could be helpful as in I’m using runway 36C for takeoff and you say clear 36C but I can’t see you due to you not being rendered that could be very helpful but overall if you are clear of all runways it shouldn’t matter. Also when you say you are crossing runway X i don’t see how someone on runway Y may be confused at all. I’m neutral I see benefits and detriments.


I’m not saying ur way is not logical. Assuming something is correct, but not appropriate in the context of aviation.

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We’re not really dealing with a realistic scenario here. CTAF airports don’t usually have this type of config.
Let’s say I’m at SFO. I land on 28R. If I need to get out of the way quickly, there is not ehough time to tap five times to send clear of all runways, then crossing 28L, between the two runways, unless you actually stop completely which is totally unnecessary

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5 Times?

You would be tapping twice.
Clear of > 28R

Then you can stop (as you usually would to sort out spoilers and flaps), and announce crossing 28L.

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Why would you stop for no reason?

Lights, spoilers, flaps? You would do so anyway, I would have thought…

some people like to clean up their aircraft before crossing some like to clean up the aircraft after to each their own i suppose

Yeah I clean up after crossing.
And I sometimes retract flaps and spoilers on the runway anyways lol

Even then, you would surely have enough time to tap twice? It’s only once more than normal, I don’t see you having to stop for so long.