“Clear of all runways”

I just wanted to clarify, once exiting the landing runway is it proper etiquette to announce “clear of all runways” even if you have more runways to cross to get to parking?

Most times I use “clear of all runways” after crossing the final runway, as I am taxi to a parking stand, as the name suggests. However, I’ve been told that the correct way is to announce “clear of all runways” after every runway crossing. Which is the correct way? The phrase suggests the former, not the latter.

I see both. I generally use it whenever I am off the runway, when I am, as stated, clear of all runways.

When you clear any runway you should announce “clear of all runways”.


Really? Because the word “all” suggests that you’re clear of every single runway, not needing to cross any more…

On a bit of a different note maybe a new ATC command like “clear of runway (number)?

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The phrase suggests that you are not on any runway (“clear of all runways”). Refer to Trio’s post for the correct usage.

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Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

If you’re going to immediately cross then it can probably wait till after you cross, but if you’re holding short then announce you are clear of all runways.

For example landing 24R at KLAX. Land, exit, clear of all runways, holding short 24L, crossing 24L, clear of all runways. Land, exit, crossing runway 24L, clear of all runways. Probably best to hold short to avoid conflicts.


It does not matter what you intend to do. “Clear of all runways” indicates to all departing and arriving traffic that you are not using any of the runways, which means that they can land/take off without the risk of incursion.


Thanks for the replies everyone! I’ve got my answer, I will now request to close :)