“Clear of All Runways”

As far as Unicom etiquette and behavior go, this is certainly lower on the list than taking off against traffic or taxiing through others, etc, but it’s not an insignificant factor in preventing runway incursions on Unicom.

When you land and someone lines up behind you, very likely they are just waiting for you to announce when you are clear of the runway, rather than actually visually verifying that you are indeed clear.

While at MPTO within the last couple of hours, there was an extended period of time where it was Unicom. Surprisingly, everyone (well…almost) behaved rather admirably, with one exception:

Not a single pilot who announced clear of all runways actually was. Some were even still pretty much on the center line.

When someone is behind you awaiting this call out to takeoff, it’s important that you make it only when you are actually clear, so that they don’t end up starting their takeoff roll with you still smack in the middle of the runway.

And, again, clear does not mean “I’ve started to turn off” it means fully past the hold short line.

All of these pilots have already announced “clear of all runways.” None of them are:


Indeed, I see this a lot on Expert. I almost crashed into another plane because of that…


Here’s my scenario/question: I’m landing on an outside parallel runway and need to cross the inside parallel runway to get to the terminal. There is no departing/landing traffic currently using the inside parallel runway, so I cross it. Am I clear of all runways before or after I cross the inside parallel runway? I’ve been announcing the all clear after crossing and fully clearing both runways.


pre take off checks such as visual confirmation of a clear runway are still necessary regardless of atc comms


I would love an answer to this it’s a great question

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Honestly, I would say if you leave the runway you landed on and you aren’t going to cross the parallel runway right away, you announce clear of all runways. But if you leave the runway and you know that you would immediately cross the parallel runway, announce crossing and then clear of all runways after you exit. (Make sure that if a pilot is lined up on the parallel runway that he/she isn’t going to takeoff or land on the runway while you are still crossing it.)


agreed. it is also up to ground to guide you while off runway.

If IFATC ground is present, listen to his/her instructions ALWAYS
But this topic is mainly about Unicom etiquette

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I thought clear of all runways was a relatively clear statement. I mean it’s in the text lol

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Yup definitely seen that over the course of my 3yrs here. This is why self awareness is very important; you got to double check surroundings all the time. Without it, you can possibly find yourself in a bad situation thanks to the poor decisions of the pilot and lack of self awareness.

You are clear of all runways if you are between the two hold shorts for the parallels and then clear again after crossing.


I was on short final when the plane in front of me announced clear of all runways. was about to touchdown, then I realized he was still on the runway!


Yes, I saw that, thank you for actually going around.


I have also noticed some other annoying behavior with this command. About a quarter of the time when I fly into an uncontrolled but crowded airport, I will hear a pilot call out clear of all runways after they cross a runway on the way to their actually takeoff runway. Example: United 29 is at KSFO, and he is taxiing to runway 28L. The plane crosses 1L and 1R, then calls out clear of all runways once he clears the two. Is this the proper way to use the command or should it just be used once you have landed at your destination, and you are clear of your landing runway and any runway that is between you and your parking spot?

Any time you have entered a runway, via landing or otherwise, you should announce that you are clear of them.

If someone were about to takeoff on 01L, for example, he would want to know when the crossing traffic is clear.

Essentially any time you’ve entered a runway and are now clear.


Yes, and I’ve even noticed pilots say “clear of all runways” until they actually notice they need to taxi across another runway to get to parking.

That’s allowed. See Tim’s post (right above yours). If you’re crossing a runway, you should announce when you’re clear, even if you’ll have to cross another runway later to get to the ramp.


Yes, that’s what I mean. It’s the pilots that only say they are “clear of all runways” once and forget to do it a second time. It must be done every time you cross a runway.


Of course, but I expected that pilots knew how to use unicom on Expert.

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