Clear Of All Runways Command

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Long time flier, but a noob when it comes to live multiplayer. When landing at an airport, I was under the impression I am to the “clear of all runways” command to the tower to notify them I am off the runway. However the last two times I have landed and reached taxi speed, then pass the stop short line, the option for said command was not there, so I simply requested a taxi to parking.

Is the option hidden in a menu? Or do I need to send the command sooner?

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No, tower/ground knows if you’re off or should be.
That’s for Unicom to tell other pilots where there is no ATC.

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Hi bud. You don’t need to send anything if it’s a controlled frequency.
All you need to send is Wilco to there command.
They are watching you and will see when your clear of the runway. Only in Unicom frequencies should you announce it.

FYI feel free to search for these topics to see if you can get an answer beforehand.


The “clear of all runway” is only available when you’re on the Unicom frequency. The controller will see if you’re on or off the runway.


You guys are awesome. Thanks heaps!
I don’t think I’ve come across a better gaming community than this. Thanks again!


Not a issue buddy, just note the topic will most likely be closed because it’s a duplicate, any more questions feel free to PM me for help.