Clear Morning In Seoul-Busy day in the Big Peach

Hello IFC! Yesterday with Atlanta being featured I decided to take a flight from Seoul to Atlanta. This flight took me north over Russia, Alaska, through Canada, and down through the US into Atlanta. I also had a sunset and a sunrise in the same flight which was pretty cool. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Korean Air Boeing 747-8
Flight time: 12hrs 45mins
Server: Expert

Beautiful takeoff into the clear skies of South Korea!

The mountainous terrain of North Korea

Off the coast of Alaska as the sun begins to set

Somewhere over Canada as the moon shines bright

After several hours of darkness over the US, we begin our approach and descent into Atlanta

On final approach

Windy touchdown in Atlanta!


Nice photos

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Cool shots!

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Thank you :)

I didn’t know what the big peach was 😂 now I do.

Nice photos! The 747 is fun to fly even If it’s impossible to land


Very nice! Yes I agree with @NoahM I’ve never greased with the big whale.

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Haha yep!

Thanks! It sure is hard to land lol

Thank you :)