Clear Miami Skies-Key West Sunset

Hello IFC! Today I took a short hop down to the Florida Keys from Miami. I don’t always fly to the Keys, but whenever I do, it never disappoints. I took off around 5:30 CST, just as the sun was beginning to set in Miami, and I arrived in Key West right at golden hour, which made for some beautiful pictures. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: American Airlines CRJ-700
Flight time: 31 minutes
Server: Expert

Beautiful Takeoff from Miami as we bring the gear up!

Makin our turn toward the Keys

Off the coast of Florida as we fly over the Everglades

After a very short flight, we begin our descent into Key West

Droppin our gear as we line up for the runway

On final for runway 09

Welcome to beautiful Key West!


What was your cruising altitude? Great photos

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Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 8.42.51 PM


Hey man I saw you departing Miami and I was leaving Fort Lauderdale for Lima in an a320, I’m about to start my descent!

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I saw you descending lol

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What flight were you on Altairia?

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Miami to Barranquilla

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Nice man I’ve done this flight to Lima in real life a few times and I finally got the chance to do it now in the sim that there is no school because of the virus

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Lucky. My Prime Minister is going against schools shutting. Mine is running as normal sadly.


Off topicness. Now get back to work and get those GCSEs.


Thanks! My cruising altitude was FL200

Thanks :)

Yea I saw you!

Great photos! I flew from Opa Locka to Key West a few months ago when it was featured, and it was a really fun flight! Flying from Miami must’ve been fun too


Thank you! Yea Florida is a lot of fun flying to/from :)

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