Clear for APPR at lower altitude please

On expert server when ATC clear me for approach at 3000ft, sometimes 3500ft or even 4000ft and hand me over to tower I have a hard time maintaining the glidescope and have to nose dive at the end. I think 2500ft - 2800ft is a better altitude for ILS APPR as I can gradually descend but I can’t descend without APPR clearance, will I get ghosted if I do so? I don’t want to go around.

3000-4000ft above aerodrome level works perfectly on the simulator. IFATC is trained to clear at this altitude, but can also clear lower at their discretion. As a pilot, it is your job to adapt to this and fly as needed. If you are struggling, have a look at some of our great #tutorials that will help you a lot!