Clear all apps!

In order to be able to use the “Live” feature on my new iPad 2 Air I have to close all the apps in the background before starting Infinite Flight. Does this sound right? I have 21 Gb free.
Thanks, Howard

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Yes that sounds correct did that work?

Sounds incorrect, since the iPad Air 2 is top of the line

Are you on iOS 9?

Not anymore. It’s the iPad Pro.

That’s a different line😂


Yes, that does work and I am on IOS 9.2.

Considering you’re on an iPad Air 2, you shouldn’t have to close all of your applications. That model is of a very high standard. Closing may slightly improve the frame rate that you can run Infinite Flight on.

I can run my iPad Air with multiple apps open.

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Same here!!

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@Howard_Bloom… Max Sez… I’ve been useing a IPad Air 2 for more than 2 years. I reboot and clear the cache every time I Fly. It’s like a pre-Flight for me, never had a lag, flicker or system crash following this procedure. What ever works!

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Guess that will depend on what the apps are doing. Since Live is using your network anything which could hog the bandwidth of your network may impede the signal to enable live updates. Running solo or local should be independent. Since when you are using IF accessing any other app will interrupt your signal for live flight ( and may lag the reconnect if interrupted) why would you run another app in the background. Switch everything else off (messenger etc) as you know it is illegal to fly and text at the same time. - 😜


Well you’ll need to arrest me then. And just about every flight instructor I’ve ever worked with!!

Lucky you! My app crashes every time I exit it and come back, also it does that when I least expect it.

Sorry bout that stormy! Guess your just Unluckey! Max