Cleaning Up My Laptop And Found These! @LAX

Welcome to my 3rd spotting topic!

So a few months ago a went spotting at LAX and I found some that didn’t make it on to my other spotting topic and so I thought I’d post it here. This is going to be a quick topic so it won’t be the best so yea. Anyways I spotted at Imperial Hill, Proud Bird, and the little park near In, n, out. Here we go!

I know the quality is not the best bet I accidentally deleted all the photos from my good camera. If you want to see some of those head to my other spotting topic at the end.

  1. Delta 737-900

  1. Jet Blue A321

  1. American 777-300ER

  1. Alitalia 777-200LR

  1. Air Tahiti Nui 787-9

  1. Honestly don’t remember

  1. Alaska A320

  1. Delta 757-200

  1. Some sort of a 777

  1. Austrian A3??

Thanks for checking this out!

Please note that my other topics will be way better so don’t judge me by this one. I just put this together in 10 minutes.

Better Topic


Photo 8 the Delta 757-200 is my favourite, awesome pics! 😍

Nice photos! However, that American 777 was a 777-300er, or 77W, not a 772. Also, I might be wrong, but I think that 777 was a China Eastern 77W. Also in the end that’s a Austrian 77L I believe.


Really liked these! The wide variety is very nice!

Oh yea. I honestly don’t know how I missed that

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Austrian A3777… 😂

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Looks like this is an Air France 777 from either Papeete or Paris :)

Great pictures though! The Alaska A320 is the best in my opinion!

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That Delta 737-900 ER with the scimitar winglets 😋

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Nice pics! The mystery plane is probably a China Eastern 77W, also the Austrian is a 77L.
I love going spotting at LAX when I’m down there, especially having them flying them right over you by the In-n-Out.

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