Clean Up KNUC! (And Other SoCal Airports)


###This is KNUC… in Infinite Flight
(Courtesy of LiveFlight - Taken July 2nd 2017 at 12:48 EDT)


###This is KNUC too… in Real Life
(Courtesy of FlightAware - About the Same Area as the Above)

<img src=’/uploads/default/original/3X/a/b/ab73de645e3e70c410711bb8f6198d4e06806186.jpg’ alt=“Image result for san clemente island nalf”/ width=“400”>

(This is a photo of KNUC in real life too for good measure)

##What is the Difference Between the Two Upper Screenshots?
I say in the Infinite Flight one there is tons of aircraft at and around KNUC, and in the real life there is none.

Here is my proposal…
#Clean Up KNUC!

Why? As you can see in the two screenshots, KNUC in Infinite Flight is way, way over its load. This is a single runway airport, with one major taxiway spanning the length of the runway, with three connections to from the main taxiway to the runway. There is one small apron with one connection to the main taxiway. This airport is very small, yet mostly is the second busiest airport in SoCal. And to complicate matters further, its relevance as an island airfield makes it a prime attraction for beginners, who have little experience in the way Live works. So, below I will present some ways to make KNUC, and other clogged SoCal airports, more fun for everyone!

###1. Constant ATC
This is a biggy. KNUC without ATC is like a roadway intersection without lines, lights, or signs, and drivers that all failed their driver’s test. I propose that experienced controllers, that can handle a lot of planes at a small airport, should always be in control of KNUC. I am not saying we should have a list, I am implying that if you feel that you are experienced in controlling, and see slots open for KNUC, take them without hesitation! This will give structure to the way KNUC is run, and hopefully clean up KNUC a lot!

###2. ATC Coordination
Continuing with a spotlight on ATC, we should have some way of contact between the different controllers of KNUC. I know we already have people using Zello, Slack, and Discord to coordinate ATC. We could extend these help with ATC at KNUC. We could also make more events where experienced people can sign up to control at KNUC.

###3. ATC: Just Say No!
This is more of a blunt way of controlling the influx of aircraft at KNUC. There are ATC commands for aircraft is too large, and others that I don’t remember. This is sort of against the principals of Infinite Flight, saying that you cannot do something that is mostly possible. However, it is necessary when we have A380 after A380 landing at KNUC, and may be the only option if we get something like an AN-225. But, we should seldom use this technique, since it is sort of unconstructive.

###4. Pilots: Read Up & Maybe Use Some Common Sense ;)
This is especially directed at beginners. There is a tutorial links screen in the app. Use it to your advantage. It makes is much harder for the ATC if you try to land at an inactive end of a runway, or you try to overtake another aircraft while landing, in spite of your sequencing. These issues, and more, can be easily solved if you take a little time before joining Live, to read the FAQs and community tutorials. We can also use our noggins a little while flying. Don’t cut people in line for departure. Don’t enter the runway unless instructed to. These little things make the simulator more fun for all the pilots, and you will find it more fun too!

###5. Pilots: Fly and Taxi Uniformly
I’ll use the approach as an example. If everyone entered into a “box” say 15 nautical miles directly out of the active end, and from there entered in a straight line with good spacing, ATC could sequence aircraft easier, and decrease departure wait times. It would help ATC a lot, and take a great load off their shoulders. We could also have a uniform departure system, and taxing system. Perhaps we could use the Airfield Traffic Pattern, as I explained here. These ideas would take the load off ATC, and make KNUC more efficient.

###6. Alternatives…
I guess this is easiest way, but least constructive way to solve the KNUC problem. Don’t fly to KNUC. Instead fly to the uncontrolled Catalina! No, I’m kidding. But there are certainly other airports than KNUC to fly into. You don’t get the same island-cliff approach, but sometimes you can take an ocean approach with San Diego. There’s also that field near San Diego which I think is a peninsula or island. If you want busy, look no farther than KLAX. If you want a moderately challenging approach, look at KPSP, or even hop over to Aspen. We could also fly smaller aircraft. Regional jets (Embraers), props (the sort-of-new Dash 8, and the Cessnas), and even fighter jets, when used responsibly, are good fits for KNUC. These alternatives would lessen the load on KNUC, and help KNUC not be overrun with giant aircraft.

I meant this topic to be a thread where people could give constructive ways to clean up KNUC and other SoCal airports. This is a topic that I believe needs to be addressed, and I think others believe the same. I know we are talking about the Training Server, and people will be people, but my message is to clean up KNUC constructively, so maybe it will become the norm. I encourage everyone to pitch in with more ideas, and add to mine!


To point 3, I also controlled and said that to the pilots, but they always continue the inbound, in this case you can’t make something.

That’s TS1!

Arby,unfortunately this is SoCal TS1, nobody on this region doesnt know how to fly. Switch to other regions wih ATC or work for Grade 3 so you can fly expert, which is much better than the training server. Thank you and kind regards.


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KNUC is a military airport so none of them people should even be there I believe it’s also an Echo in real life.

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San Clemente Island NALF, clue’s in the name

edit: nvm you edited it

Do you want to say, we should shoot them down?[joke]

Infinite Flight: now offering anti aircraft guns to help those pesky nimrods clear the skies


There are some Voice Air Traffic Control services out there that do this, I know one, pm me if you are interested. You wont see this chaotic mess.

KNUC has some non-military traffic but it’s only GA I believe.

Will they be able to ghost users? That’ll be a lot of people getting ghosted lol.

Just so you know most experienced controllers control tower and ground at once so this isn’t necessary


The general issue is most people aren’t on the forum, and they simply don’t obey ATC so more ATC won’t help

Yeah, though I wrote this, I think we will never fix KNUC, or maybe it will be fixed with Global, and Lukla, Nepal will become the new KNUC.

No it’s a bravo, just a busy NALF

@Arby36 Hey,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Unfortunately, the chaos of TS1 is somewhat unavoidable. So, at this point, I feel it necessary to go ahead and drop one of our forum’s favourite, beloved quotes;

“Fly expert for a realistic experience”