[CLASSIFIED] From 100,000ft

Hey IFC! I’m back today with another one of the ‘100,000ft’ topics as always. This time I flew from [REDACTED]. This country [CLASSIFIED] for the U.S.
Many of you are probably confused by this, but a few understand what the significance of [REDACTED] is. (Not the word [REDACTED] itself, but what is redacted. Lol) Well some will know this picture is over [CLASSIFIED].

Server: Casual
Aircraft: F-22 Raptor
Location: [CLASSIFIED]


Astonishing [CLASSIFIED]!


Lol thanks 😂

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pls help me not understand anything


Uh oh
Lol I honestly don’t expect anyone outside of the US to get it. Even some in the US won’t get it 😂

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*uploads photo of location to the internet


You know this place kinda looks like Guantanamo Bay…

eh, must be a coincidence

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Location: [REDACTED]

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So sorry, but funny enough every time I try to type that Guantanamo Bay comes up from autocorrect

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At first, I had no idea what you were talking about, then I looked up what Guantanamo Bay is, and now I get it. Cool views!

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Lol yeah 😂

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Encrptyed Message follows:


  1. 6~5^8798[}vuyhghj$sr24465£_!{8]{§§¥££€ ↩︎


Totally just a coincidence. [REDACTED] is not, I repeat NOT, Guantanamo Bay.

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You could’ve at least used Morse code.

I can’t figure out what that says. 😂

  1. 6~5^8798[}vuyhghj$sr24465£* !{8]{§§¥££€ ↩︎

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don’t ask it’s classified

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That’s [REDACTED] Bay, is it not?

No, that’s [CLASSIFIED]

I [CLASSIFIED] your photo

Allution islands

Yes that’s correct lol