Classical flight : LFPG -> GOBD, DC-10

'sup guys ! Today I flew from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Dakar Blaise Diagne international. I made the flight with a DC-10 from Air France !
Callsign for the flight : Air France 946

On casual server, sunny day with some cyrus clouds at 30k ft.
Enjoy the photos !

Boarding in progress, terminal 2E, gate K22

Taxiing to runway 26R, before a KLM B747-400

Take-off at 11:41 a.m., departing south

Flying over southwestern France, soon entering spanish airspace.

leaving spanish territory over Cadiz.

Now flying over Moroccan coast. Radio turned on Casablanca UNICOM

Quick passenger view when our DC-10 crossed the sky Morocco-Mauritania border. One and a half our remaining until Dakar intl.

AF-946, on final approach to Dakar Blaise Diagne intl. Little windy, but the plane goes smoothly to its destination.

touchdown- activation of the thrust reverse -A little on the right side of the runway, but it was pure butter.

Flight Air France 946, arrives on scheduled time at Dakar intl, passenger will get out gate 3.

Hope you liked it guys ! See ya on a next flight (always ending in 946 !)


Hey, these are very nice pictures. Unfortunately, following the rules of the topic only 10 pictures are best and your two picks up will be removed from everyone. Screenshots and Videos Category.

then and

Please be careful. Have a good day and Happy New Year!

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Thanks for reminding me !

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