Classic server

I understand that this would be hard to implement but just hear me out.
How cool would it be if there was a server added to IF for retro flight? By this I mean adding old airports like Denver’s Stapleton and others and adding retro planes like the McDonnell Douglas DC-8 and Boeing 707. In the retro server you could only fly planes that came out in the 1980s or earlier. Like I said I understand this would be hard to add but it would be soo cool to have.

This would be a hard idea to create but I would defiantly love it! You got my vote…


I think this is a bit too much, next thing we’ll have is people requesting servers for only each type of aircraft.


I see your point…

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You can already do this in normal servers. There are even VA’s dedicated to this

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I don’t see this happening in the future. During global development some airports were decided to be added to the new update that were previously closed or aren’t running anymore like Kai Tak. You can enjoy these and recreate these flights to some of these airports on any server. If an airport has [ X ] no spaces (the IFC won’t let it happen for some reason) in its name it means it’s non operational irl anymore and you can easily find these airports by searching it up in the search bar provided in the app. 😉

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