Classic Airline Fly In Night?

An idea for an event would be flying together in older or even retired airlines in their particular regions. Particulary flying the 747-200 list of classic Airlines. Not sure if this has been suggested already so sorry if it has.

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Ooooh boy this is a dream of mine.

No classic airline fly-in is complete without a Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Boeing 737-100/-200, Boeing 747-100/-200, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, and a L-1011 TriStar if you’re talking the 1st and 2nd generation airliners.

Sadly, only three of those are in the game and two of them are a “technically”. The SCA in the game is a 747-100 and the Boeing 717 is also a McDonnell Douglas MD-95, which is technically a Douglas DC-9-95…

Long live the DC-9!

I was strongly considering saying almost 90% of what you said about the classic Aircraft. Planes like the 707 & 727 and SR71 and many similar classic simply must be implemented. The guys at FDS Are working so hard already so I know these ideas will not be far behind. Exited for the future!

Giod idea to fly whit this planes.

They must be added someday!

However because of the stupid pop culture/preference for modern aircraft, I can’t see any, except for the SR-71, happening soon.

Long live the DC-9!

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Would love the SR71, especially when global comes out