Class Echo Airport?

So I was just randomly looking at different airports in the air traffic control section and I looked up Las Vegas and it specified it was a class Echo Airport?

I’ve only heard about class Charlie, Delta, and Bravo.

In training for practical exam for IFATC.

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Yes. Class E airports generally do not have a control tower and operate on a CTAF or UNICOM.
They’re denoted as pink on IF’s map.

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You have the wrong Las Vegas, there is one in New Mexico (which you found) compared to the more recognizable Las Vegas in Nevada.

Echoes are airports that do not have control facilities, like what @CaptainSooraj said.

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What is the appropriate ICAO?

If you’re talking about Las Vegas McCarran in Nevada it’s KLAS. That’s the big Bravo airport.
There’s also Henderson Exec, which is KHND, just south of KLAS. That’s a smaller Class Delta airport.

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Thanks guys !

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