Class Bravo VFR Corridors

In the United States, a lot of the big Class B airports (notably KLAX, KPHX, KJFK) have something called a VFR Corridor which is denoted on the charts, as a ‘corridor’ or a transition route through the Class B airspace for VFR aircraft to use, without talking to ATC.

For example: Here is the chart for a particular VFR corridor called the “Special Flight Rules Area”, right on top of the KLAX airport:

Similar corridors exist for other airports across the US, with their own sets of rules.

Why should this be implemented in IF?

Apart from increasing realism, this would also decrease both pilot and controller workload - from requesting and granting transitions over busy airspaces. Especially when Approach is offline, this would take the load off Tower. Most of Infinite Flight is geared towards IFR flying - this would be a nice addition for those of us who want to simply fly VFR.

How would this be implemented in IF?

We already have working instruments and VOR tracking in all aircraft - along with realistic airspaces. Flying these corridors would be very easily possible, from a pilot’s point of view - all it takes is looking at charts.

From the controller’s perspective, it would be a simple matter for ATC to view any aircraft crossing above the airport at the prescribed height and route as using the VFR corridor. If necessary, a frequency could be added at the respective airport, perhaps called the “(airport name) VFR Corridor UNICOM” so pilots can talk to each other (just like in real life, where there’s a CTAF for VFR corridors). If any active ATC sees that they are tuned into that frequency, they could let the pilot carry on as is. These corridors are geared towards avoiding traffic conflicts - so that wouldn’t be an issue.

Would this be subject to trolling?

Like any other airspace/flying feature request, yes, of course you’ll have trolls that disrupt and abuse this feature. However, it would be a simple matter to report them.
Also bear in mind that using these corridors is a choice - one could simply file a flight plan/IFR and do things the regular way too.

Hope to see this implemented in the sim soon!

Oh yes I would love something like this! Only if I have a vote. This has my full support though!


It would certainly make for some great VFR flying!

I have a topic already made requesting this feature. But if this topic better explains it, I’d be happy to have mine closed and just go off yours. Like the request!

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I searched all over and couldn’t find one like this 😅 don’t know how I missed it.
It’s a little different though, I’m asking for VFR transition routes all over the US, whereas that’s just the LA SFRA.

But yes, if you feel that this explains it better, please do go ahead and request yours to be closed, that would be very helpful! Thanks a lot. (And please do vote haha)

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