Class Alpha

Just a question I have had for a while about why there is a Class Bravo airport but not any Class Alpha’s. Can anyone please explain to me why there isn’t?

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Why is the banana curved? Not sure lol. Guess that’s just how it is. I know that there is Class Alpha airspace (FL180 to FL600).


Since Class Alpha is above FL180, your airport would need to be there too. Perhaps Lando Calrizion’s Cloud City would qualify.


No, it’s not the same thing. Class Alpha airspace is above FL180. I don’t know of any Class Alpha airports, because I really don’t think it exists. Class Alpha airspace is right above Class Echo airspace. They’re really just a constant airspace, no interruptions. Airspace class and airport class aren’t necessarily the same thing.

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Well from my understanding, there can’t be any planes in Class Alpha because…

  1. Pretty sure normal, un-trained humans can breathe up there (That’s a problem isn’t it :joy:)

  2. You’d need one hell of a runway to fly planes out of there. All the STOL aircraft probably can’t make it up there (Correct me if I’m wrong) and an empty Boeing 737-700 would need a super-long runway to climb out at 18,000 ft. anyway.

Best, Boeing707

The face for that website does not make it look credible, just sayin’


A small note on your post - there can’t be any airports_ in that airspace class ;)

Class A is, as Sean already mentioned, a block of airspace above 18,000 feet, usually what you’ll find there is IFR commercial flights.

Open airport request in feature section, to build one here.

Oh dang!! I thought it’s new post. Sorry 4 trolling