Clarification SKBO (Zuhair Mazhar)

Just a quick clarification. I am guessing it was a mistaken tap, because if not I am confused and would like instruction on how to do better.

I was entering active airspace more or less diagonal to the downwind 13L at SKBO, called inbound, waited, and 90 seconds later get “Check forum instructions”, immediately followed by “Enter Left Base”.

The 1-2 timing makes me thing it was an errant tap, but if not, I’d love to hear what it was.



The best thing to do is Pm the Controller, in this case @Zuhair.Mazhar

They should’ve put disregard last message?

Maybe it’s because of the fact that you are going at 353kts that doesn’t help😉

If you want to be sure if it was a mistake or on purpose you should pm de controller and he’ll happily explain.


Hi, thanks for reaching out! I’ll take this to a PM.

Potentially, though I was still pretty far away, and called as soon as the button popped up. I suppose I could have slowed down first, but I was at 13,000 feet, so I didn’t think it was an issue yet. My next step would have been to slow down and maneuver per ATC instructions, which I did.

It isn’t a big deal, just trying to do better next time.

I sent Zuhair a PM.

Nope it had nothing to do with speed here. Anyway we’ve taken this to pm :)

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The check tutorial was more than likely cause you called inbound on the ILS. Being on the downwind is not the ILS. Being established on the localizer and glide slope is inbound on the ILS. DM the controller and he can explain why he sent it.