Clarification on the "1 item per feature request" rule

So we all know each feature request is only allowed to request 1 feature. This is generally quite self-explanatory and simple, but in some cases it’s more of a grey area and I’d like to have this clarified. It is to do with aircraft familes:
The Airbus A350XWB has 1 request for it, yet it consists of 3 aircraft. The A358, A359 and A35X. So, from this it would be fair to assume each aircraft family has 1 feature request


The Bombardier Challenger ExecJets series has a request for:
the 300


the 600

And if one was to want another type I’m sure they would create a seperate feature request again. There are also other examples of this, multiple aircraft of the same family with different requests.

Another example - the Learjet family has requests for:

The 35

The 31

The 85

And the 75

But there isn’t seperate requests for the A330-200, A330-300, or the A340-200/300/600, even though they are different planes they are all included in the same feature request/rework request

So what’s the rule? I’d just like to know for future reference and also as I would like to create a feature request for an aircraft family but am not sure whether it would be closed for having multiple requests in it or if it would be deemed acceptable. Thanks in advance


In my most humble and personal opinion as a user, i’d be perfectly fine and prefer with having one request include the whole family of aircrafts. Instead of one per variant.

This meaning the “standard” ones, not covering special variants.


Considering they won’t just add the A330-300 and not the -200, I think it’s enough to only have one feature request for the aircraft type.

They didn’t just add the 787-8, but also the -9 and even -10 :)


And in addition to what Seb said, it would be pointless to use 3 votes to individually cast a vote for each family variant. Users don’t have a lot of votes in the first place, and having a feature request for each variant is only further restricting it.


For example I had “Air Caraibes A330” and included both the A333 and the A332. it said whatever one would fit better in the rework (or something like that)

But then I was told to make 2 topics…

But personally… The devs won’t add both of them if I request… If I’m lucky they would make one of the 2… So I saw it a total waste of time and a vote

So what you are saying is the A350 family should be one request, however, the ACJ350 should be a separate request?

@Insertusernamehere… MaxSez: Excellent point, let’s take it a step further. Separate “Livery” requests for the same craft as a Feature clogs the pipes. Let’s clean up the category, it need a major revision, Give it an IF KISS . Just Sayin


ACJ’s can often be included with just a different livery like we have on the A318.


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