clarification on new rules

according to new rules I see the following
Pilots may have no more than 15 all-time ghosts.
Pilots with more than 15 all-time ghosts will be permanently restricted from the Expert Server

I randomly selected a flight on live flight and see a pilot has this
Total Violations…

are the 15 violation retroactive or accumulated going forward

15 is ghosting reports. Violations and ghost reports are different.

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Violations are not ghosts.

so where in live flight I see total ghost

Total ghosts cannot be seen at this time.

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Which is a bit dumb since pilots have no sense of depth in terms of how close they are to the limit.

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Or if there past ghost counts towards this

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to reduce the violation of how?

It really shouldn’t change how one flies. Pilots shouldn’t try to get ghosted. Or they could, in which case they Arnt fit for the expert server anyways.

I would assume reversed ghost not included

I think past ghosts count towards the total.

The violation requirement is a ratio. Perform more landings without receiving violations and you will solve that requirement.

Ok all, let’s not hijack this thread with general questions around the requirements that are not related to the original poster’s question.

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Yes they do unfortunately

Read the requirements. They explain what is included. System ghosts are NOT counted.


The ghosting numbers only factor ATC ghosts, not system ghosts