Clapping after landing

What do you think, is it fine to clap after landing?
In my opinion its fine, if someone starts clapping, I clap as well.
Gives a nice feeling to crew. (Not to other passenger though)
Here’s a poll as well.

  • It’s fine and I do it every time
  • It’s fine but I don’t do it
  • I don’t think it’s fine
  • Why on earth would someone clap after landing?!

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Comment your opinion below!


Depends on where. I have found it really only happens in the US.


Happens in Europe as well…


I do it when everyone else does it. Kinda awkward if you’re the only person in the plane clapping. :P


I really never see it in Europe or the Middle East.


I know is a different type of job but in my opinion it’s like clapping to the bus driver when he stops the bus.
Pilots are used to it and even if a plane is certainly not a bus they are used to it so what’s the clap for?


I really haven’t had the need to congratulate somebody doing there job…

If it’s like a 50KT cross wind then well yah, I’m probably going to clap, mostly for myself for not freaking out


Most of the time pilots don’t even hear it, more like thanks to the cabin crew.

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Never seen it done IRL.


A friend of mine used to be cabin crew and she hated it. Mostly because it was on flights to places like the Algarve and full of the p*ssed up numpties who’d been giving them grief for the majority of the flight.

Personally I feel people who clap when the plane lands should be tortured by being made to sit through a whole Nickelback gig.


no definitely not


A landing is much more difficult to execute…


I clap mainly when everyone else does (Im from the US). I believe cause its a couple of first timers who clap… then everyone joins in. Yes this is their job, but if it means that your alive by the end of it… wouldent you clap too. Its like a fireman saving you from a burning building… everyone will be applauding them.

Happens only when the pilot annouces an emergency landing. So lets say a pilot is depressed, he can go thru the PA and fakes that he’s gonna make an emergency landing, and then, of course, human being humans, the plane lands safely, humans claps.

Agree but if you have more than more than 2000 hours flying that type of aircraft - especially if you are landing in good weather conditions - it’s your job and you know how to do it.

And btw if they put me on a bus I can’t drive it just because I know how to drive my car, just saying I respect the bus driver too ;)

But if it is a VERY nice landing, or poor weather conditions…

Well on this one I’m not sure my friend, I guess if we ask a bunch of pilots if it’s easier to land rather than go into a burning building they’ll probably say yes. And even if you are a fireman you don’t go every day into a burning building hopefully! ;)

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Hell no. It’s so cringey.

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Oh man once I landed in Edinburgh in very poor conditions with some very strong winds. I sh** in my pants like never before, no one clapped but if they did I would have certainly joined.
But I have seen people clapping on flights from London to Milan in very good weather in the middle of summer, seriously?!

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