Claim Air Control Misha - unfairlyghosted

  1. I was flying from Denver Int(Kden) to Aspen Pitking (Kase) with B747 in the Expert Server when the Tower controller (Call Misham Time controling: 9th january at 21.14 GMT+1) told me that I cannot land in the airport because the Airplane is too large. I ask him/her twice, and call for inbound…
    He/se Ghosted me

  2. KASE is a charlie airport class , I can land with the B747. In fact the app allows you to take off when you choose it, instead of forbidden as it do in other airports.

  3. I have: 230Hours flight, 197.500 xp., and this is my second year paid in infinity flight

  4. What the traffic controller have done is simply unacceptable.

For all I have written:
One: I expect you will resend me to my grade 4 – instead in 2
Second: this ghosting won’t be in my history resume.
Third: you will inform and take good note of this tower controller in the hope of other pilots won’t suffer this incompetent controller.
Four: You should think about to incorporate a review process of the ghosting, because some time some controllers can abuse of authority…. And this is terrible for the image of the APP.

In the hope you will correct this situation ASAP, king regards.
Juan Azpiazu – IBERIA 643

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I’ll reply to this properly via PM when I am finished controlling. Lots of love, the incompetent controller (and moderator) 🙂


Actually I will sum it up on here

  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

PM me if you have any questions 🙂


Let’s take this to a PM and tag me.


Note: I received a polite nice message from the above complainant. He has apologised and is in the process of learning from his mistakes and looking into what NOTAMs are, plus he is learning how IFATC decide when ghosting is appropriate.

Please see this as an example of how not to complain on the forum, but also, and more importantly, as an example of how we are accepting if you apologise and want to learn from your mistakes.