Cl35 (challenger 350) - performance calculator

Hi all,

I had made this file when the CL35 was introduced in IF, for my personnal use only. I went back to it recently, made some improvements, and thought that some here might be interested to use it as well when flying this great plane. I’d be happy if it helped get more people flying it.

As we know, @DeerCrusher is the best expert here about this aircraft. The following guide is obviously a great reference :

My calculator file was made with publicly available information (mainly about the CL30) and test flying only, but matches rather well both what Deer wrote and what our CL35 does in the SIM. Here it is :

As usual, all unlocked cells, starting with the departure and destination airports’ OACI codes, have to be filled in order to have appropriate flight parameters calculated, including some where fpltoif ( is the best source : flight distance, flight time, OAT@cruise.

Note that flight time requires to fly whatever speed is indicated on fpltoif. As for approximate fuel flow, I have only done the work for Mach 0,80.

It is better to use the intended B612 font you can get more information about here :

Please let me know if anything is wrong… or right!

Have fun!

Just edited the link to correct an error in cruise trim value.



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