Cjthew91's ATC Tracking thread [CLOSED]

Welcome to my ATC thread, you can use this thread to send me feedback on my ATC skills and you can use it to see where I’ll be controlling, come join me in the skies!

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I’m open at MDPC now! Come and join!

Go easy… Lol

OPEN @ EGNT come for some patterns, feedback would be appreciated

I just spawned at EGNT on Training Server and there was no ATC.
I changed your title to [CLOSED]. Please keep it up-to-date to avoid any confusion.

Happy controlling!

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Yeah sorry, thanks for changing my title, I was in a rush to go somewhere

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Now open @ MMMX! Come and join me for some patterns, feedback would be appreciated!

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How’d I do @LachyRobertson


Not too bad. When I requested change to runway 05L you need to give me a pattern entry.
Other than that, I was the only one there at the time so no sequencing was needed. 🙂

There are plenty of very helpful videos here

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Ok, thanks for attending and thanks for the feedback

could you be in OMDB in 1hour and a half?

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correction 3hours

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Errrrrr maybe, reply on this again when you want me to

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