Cj_ek's ATC Tracking Thread @N/A [CLOSED]

Welcome to @cj_ek 's tracking thread!

For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.



Airport :


Server :


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Hey. Feel free to tag me if u want a traffic. Thanks!

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@SierraHotel operating at LAX ☺

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I don’t recommend choosing KLAX since it attracts too many trolls , and trust me you don’t want that, when I first started I chose those kinds of airports with many traffic and it wasn’t helpful at all.

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Yeah I’ve just had a 747 take off and land on multiple runways without clearance. I’ve chosen LAX to increase movements. I normally operate at EGCC. Thanks for the feedback! 😃

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no problem at all, if you are open for the next 15mins I will stop by!!

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I’ll be on for an hour. I had a guy with the IFC name Eric_William who entered a runway without permission and wouldn’t follow ATC instructions and then took off. I tried to find him on IFC but couldn’t find him. Any suggestions on what I do about him?

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since this is on training server you can’t do anything, its for pilots and ATC controllers who are still training, you’ll see pilots and ATC making a ton of mistakes here. so yeah just hang in there until you are with the IFATC and enjoy the professionalism of the expert server :)

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@Eric_William please follow instructions. You were not cleared to enter runway 6R as only runways 25L, 25R, 24L and 24R are in use. After being instructed to exit the runway - you repeatedly switched frequency requesting takeoff. Then you decided to take off without clearance. Any reason as to why you thought this was necessary?

Ah okay thanks. It’s frustrating but guess there’s nothing I can do haha. Thanks for the suggestions - you’re really helping me out

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alright ill be stopping by now, just focus on the people who are helping you here and ignore the trolls.

ill be with callsign D-MOAZ

Ah yes- I can see you! 😃

how long u gonna be open for?

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Lax its on the title lol


btw next time go for a quieter airport.

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I normally operate at EGCC but I decided to challenge myself today

I’ll be closing in 15 minutes. Only doing an hour today

Too much troll at KLAX

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I agree!! 😂

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ok here is some feed back:

1.and that’s why you don’t go for KLAX I could’ve taken off if it wasn’t for that Korean Air B737 not knowing which runway he is landing on

  1. you missed my clearance if it wasn’t for me reporting my position you would’ve missed it since I was at right base.

  2. that’s the most important thing, you need to focus on runway changing , upon requesting runway change you first issue a new pattern entry then sequence if needed then a new clearance with clearance you should specify left/right traffic after the option.

  3. I didn’t stay for long because it was just too much traffic not following order that distracts you from paying attention to the traffic that is. so I couldn’t rate you in such environment.

that’s it for me D-MOAZ tag me when you are open again!!

P.S I will be opening soon if you would like to join my tracking thread

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