Civil Air Patrol Recruitment Flight Cancelled

Welcome to GAF’S Civil Air Patrol Squadron!

GAF’S very own Civil Air Patrol Squadron is hosting a recruitment flight at our home base at Vero Beach Municipal! Join us for a VFR flight from Vero Beach (KVRB) to Palm Beach (KPBI) in Infinite Flight’s new C172, TBM, and recently added Xcub.

Being a part of CAP means you are among the most skilled general aviation pilots out there. CAP is built for pilots who want to fly general aviation while serving as a member of their local community. CAP directly reports to the Global Air Forces (GAF) under a time of war, and natural disaster. Members in CAP get to take part in weekly competitions, bi-weekly routes to fly, missions every month, and get to climb in rank. It is truly a special honor to fly with CAP

Good Standings with IFC and IFVARB
Age 13 or older
Grade 3-5 with access to expert server
You do not have to be in IFAE to join CAP
Click here to join CAP:

To sign up for this event please reply with the plane you wish to fly and the gate you would like to be at.

Server: Expert

Airport: KVRB

Time: 2000Z

Date: February 16th

NOTAM: C172’s, Xcub’s, and TBM’s ONLY. please use RWY 4 for takeoff

(Date is Subject to change)

Gates West Side

Hangar 01- @Rockydawg_42
Hangar 02- @Zach007
Hangar 03- @Pingu
Hangar 04-
Hangar 05-
Hangar 06-
GA W01-
GA W02-
GA W03-
GA W04-

Gates East Side

Hangar 07-
GA C01-
GA C02-
GA C03-
GA C04-
GA C05-
GA C06-
GA C07-
GA C08-
GA C09- @anon38496261
GA C10-
GA C11-
GA C12-
GA E01-
GA E02-
GA E03-
GA E04-
Piper 01-
Piper 02-
Piper 03-
Piper 04-
Piper 05-

  We look forward to seeing you soon!
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@Rockydawg_42 I’ll take hangar 2 on the west side. 172 please.

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I’ll take Hangar 03 with a C172. Thanks! (Civil Air Patrol Rep!)

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Hey will there be a FPL to follow I know it’s Says VFR but will thee be one to help guide us.

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Nope you get to choose the path you want down.

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I’ll have the GA C09 for the C172, please :)

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Welcome aboard

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8 weeks to go!!

Please note I am adding the TBM to the list of available planes!

Due to the Civil Air Patrol squadron closing in GAF the event has been cancelled. Sorry everyone. @Zach007 @anon38496261 @Pingu



yea complete sentence


@Rockydawg_42 that’s a RIP, CAP will be remembered to the fallen… yeah umm yeah.


We still have CAPVO.

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press F to pay respects