Ciudad Real

Hello IFC,
Today i was planning on flying Manchester-Ciudad Real in the Generic 744 for one of virgin’s retirement flight.

I seem not to be able to find it. Is it in IF?

Do you know the ICAO?

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It’s not there; I can’t find an airport with ICAO code LERL.

If it’s not there, then I’m sure the IFAET team will get around to editing/adding it into the virtual world of Infinite Flight. They don’t normally take requests, but I’m sure it’ll get done soon. 😉

Just checked, LERL is definitely not there.

I’m not sure what Ciudad is, that just means City in Spanish lol

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Ahh ok, lots more storage flights could have happened

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I was thinking maybe it would have the wrong ICAO code or something but it’s definitely not there. Here’s where it should be…


Looks like the IFAET haven’t got around to add/editing it into the sim yet. But it’ll come soon, that’s for sure.

That does look like it


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