CityJet to order Sukhoi Supers?

Did not see this coming…

Congrats to CityJet and Sukhoi! So great to see Russian airplanes seeping into the Western world with Interjet and possibly CityJet now!

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It’s great the russians did finally get some european orders, however I will definitely not fly on city jet at all now, ever. It’s something about the sukhoi 100 I don’t like at all and that gives me the shivers. I don’t know why.

VLM have also ordered some!

I need to book a flight from Dublin to London City with CityJet on a Sukhoi Superjet.

Smart choice 😀.

I need to book JFK-IAH-MEX for a SSJ flight. Not going to let the distance stop me though-I must get my Superjet flight. Someday.


How about a Bombardier Cs100 series flight with swiss?

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Swiss is too far from me. The Porter CS100s at YTZ are what I’ll try for

Order went through today - 15 of these little beasties.
I can’t wait for the London City certification testing to get started.