CityHopper Contract's

Hello everyone, this post is especially for larger Virtual Airlines. We are currently thinking about accepting contracts form other VA’s to run their flights as a local airline. This would be like Skywest opperating some Delta flights. If anyone is interested please PM me soon. We will accept from more than ONE airline.

Okay I have over 30 pilots we could help run your flights and if you guys could come help run some of ares?

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@americanairlinesif @Liam_Boyer what do you think?

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Sorry, not interested at this time.

Ok thanks for checking us out.

I’ll let my bosses know. They will comment if interested. :)

@QantasVirtualAirways @Breydon_Verryt_Reid

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@grxninesix @BavariaAVIATION I’d like to hear my comrades’ feedback on this idea.


So you’re basically interested in codesharing?

Yes but it’s kind of like us opperating flights on a larger airlines behalf.

If what you mean is manage our Shedules? Josh keep it small, that’s an extremely powerful accusation.

Some of us major Virtual airlines wouldn’t let this happen since we use admin systems that also control the rest of the airline Shedules.

That is not what I mean, I mean if you are short of pilots we don’t mind operating short haul flights for you. I didn’t mean for anyone to be angry

Sorry josh didn’t understand. No I wasn’t angry just confused.

Nice idea

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